Print Checks At Home




$0 / mo

  • 3 checks per month

Pro Monthly

$6.50 / mo

  • unlimited checks
  • billed monthly

Pro Yearly

$4.50 / mo

  • unlimited checks
  • billed yearly

CheckRobot was created from the personal frustration of finding a free and simple check printing service at home. There are still many times where a check is needed because no better option exist. Rather than ordering entire check books, you can print them on demand. CheckRobot was made for small businesses or anyone that wants a professional looking printed check over a handwritten one.

What do I need to print checks from my home?

You will need some blank check stock (something like this from Amazon) and a home printer.

How does CheckRobot work?

Simply add your bank account and payee details then enter in the amount. Your information is encrypted and saved so the next time all you have to do is enter the amount.

Do I need any special ink?

Most banks support optical check scanning and thus will not need the special MICR ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). The best way to find out is to print a sample check and see if your bank has any problems recognizing.

Security and Encryption

All sensitive data is encrypted and stored using an implementation of symmetric authenticated cryptography with 128-bit AES and 256-bit SHA.